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Odin Brewing launches “2014 Series – French Style Saison”



Our Odin’s 2014 Series takes you along on a Viking expedition, and this year we will be regaling you with ‘The Saga of Matt the Cook’.  Like all good Sagas, you will get more than your share of dodgy prose, but we promise you some absolutely delicious Tribute Ales to enjoy along the way.

After successfully invading Ireland at the beginning of this year and getting a taste of the Oak Aged Stout, the adventure of Matt the Cook and his crew continues when their Viking ship reaches their next destination…

Join us as their journey takes them to the coast of France where they discover the “French Style Saison” for the first time! Skal!


Odin’s 2014 Series “French Style Saison” Launch EventSaison_Offer

When: April 25th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: Asgard Tavern, 1300 N. Northlake Way Seattle, WA 98103 USA

Please direct all questions to


The beer of the Odin Brewing Company seeks to live up to the spirit of exploration personified by the Vikings of old.  This was an adventurous people who, among other achievements, discovered North America 500 years before Columbus without the benefit of accurate sea charts and other navigational tools.


In that same spirit, we offer our special line of beer.  Our beer pays homage to traditional styles at their core, but will layer on unique flavors and ingredients to provide a truly distinctive beer experience. We see beer as an integral part of the dining experience and craft only the flavors we intend, never sacrificing to produce the unique notes we seek in our beer.

‘Great Beer Designed, With Great Food In Mind’


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