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Press Release: Odin Brewing On The Move!

Seattle, WA – June 13, 2014

After 5 successful years in its current facility in South Park, Odin Brewing is relocating and expanding to a 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Tukwila, WA.  Located at 402 Baker Boulevard, the new facility offers far more long term potential, both from a brewing as well as a Tasting Room perspective.

“While we have experienced tremendous growth since our inception at our current location, we have become a victim of our own success and have outgrown the facility in South Park faster than we expected”, says Dan Lee, Owner & Founder.  “Our production in 2014 is getting squeezed as we simply don’t have the physical space to meet the growth in demand.  Our new home in Tukwila is going to afford us the space and facilities we need, in order to continue to grow successfully.”

The new facility will be built out in stages over the next 18 months, beginning with the retail tasting room.  “The plans call for over 1500 sq. ft. of retail space, including an indoor patio located in the production hall.  We will also enjoy a permanent outdoor patio and ample parking for our guests. The City of Tukwila has been very supportive of our move, and we are excited about becoming a permanent resident.”  The official launch date will be announced in the next few weeks.

As for the current 5,000 sqft facility in South Park, Dan adds, “It’s been a good home for us, and if there is interest from other brewers or breweries that are just starting out, we would be happy to speak with them and work with them about transferring in.  This is a great opportunity for a smaller start up brewery to get to the next level quickly.”



The beer of the Odin Brewing Company seeks to live up to the spirit of exploration personified by the Vikings of old.  This was an adventurous people who, among other achievements, discovered North America 500 years before Columbus without the benefit of accurate sea charts and other navigational tools.


In that same spirit, we offer our special line of beer.  Our beer pays homage to traditional styles at their core, but will layer on unique flavors and ingredients to provide a truly distinctive beer experience. We see beer as an integral part of the dining experience and craft only the flavors we intend, never sacrificing to produce the unique notes we seek in our beer.

‘Great Beer Designed, With Great Food In Mind’


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