At Odin Brewing, we have a common passion: the love of great food.  Whether it’s presented on fine china at our favorite restaurant or on a paper plate in the backyard, we are fortunate to enjoy some of the most spectacular food and culinary influences in the world right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Our good friends in the vineyards have seized on this burgeoning reputation for high quality foods and, to their credit, are now producing world class wines across Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia as well.  So, given the high standards we’ve come to expect from our food and wine, this begs the question: ‘Should we not demand more from our beer?’

Now don’t get us wrong, there are some fine craft and micro breweries across these very same regions.  However, let’s face the facts, our beer options often seem relegated to watered-down mass market pilsners, or IPA’s engaged in a nuclear arms race of bitterness.  If these are your only regular interactions with beer, it’s no wonder it’s widely dismissed as a suitable option at the dinner table. This really is a shame, as the world of beer is everyLabel Coming Soon bit as rich and diverse as its grape counterpart and presents a wider spectrum of ‘pairing opportunities’ than wine ever will.

So the Odin Brewing journey begins here.  Designing and crafting beers worthy of your dinner table.  We present beers that will complement your foods, rather than do battle with them; beer designed for the myriad of culinary options we are blessed with in the Pacific Northwest.  Great beer designed with great food in mind!