So Why The Vikings?

First, a disclaimer: we are in no way experts on Norse/Viking mythology, nor do we claim to be.  We are, simply put, enthusiasts.  It’s important to understand that in mythology, there are multiple interpretations and nuances that make it near impossible to state that one version of the story is absolute.  This is what makes the history and storytelling of the Norse so rich and wonderful.  But in this same vein, understand that the beer we present to you is our interpretation – our version of what the style could or should be.  So in the spirit of the Vikings, we encourage you to venture forth and uncover the wealth of options before you.  More styles, more brands, more tastes and interpretations.  It is through this natural exploration that you will settle on your own version of the “truth.”  If you are fortunate enough to have uncovered the truth, we encourage you to come back and share it with us.  We welcome the debate….but what follows is that which we share in common with our sea-faring brethren.

Balance.  The Vikings knew a thing or two about balance.  Whether it was building their ships or forging their weapons, they knew if you went too heavy on one aspect of your design, it would come at the expense of something else.  This same logic holds true in the way we craft our beer.  We seek to avoid extremes, so that your interaction with our beer is enjoyable and doesn’t detract from your food.  Too bitter and your taste buds get sacked like a coastal village.  Too high in alcohol and you quickly get tossed in to a heady liquid abyss.  Balance is key and it’s at the heart of our craft.

The importance of food.  Ancient Scandinavia wasn’t always the most hospitable climate to be based.  Weather could be harsh, and food supplies were essential to making it through some harsh winters.  While the Vikings were blessed with some of the best seafood on the planet, they were also quite adept at farming, as well as raising various grains, cattle and sheep.  Similarly, food is at the core of our being here at Odin Brewing, and much like the ancient Vikings, we are blessed with the same land and sea-based bounty in the Pacific Northwest.  We’ve designed our beers around the local tastes and flavours; but use your imagination – be creative.  View our beer as a recommendation with your food   – a great recommendation – but a recommendation nonetheless.  There is not one wine for all occasions, nor is there one beer.  Start with our recommendations.  We’re pretty sure you’ll come back to it.

International Influence.  The Vikings were a much maligned lot.  Sure they sacked and pillaged villages throughout the Atlantic coast and along the Mediterranean, driving fear into the hearts of the locals.  Our interpretation of the history has them doing so not out of a sense of intrinsic malice towards others, but in search of better food and beer pairings to take back home.  Truth be told, they sacked those places noted for their Ales, Saisons, Lagers and Pilsners.  Do you really think this is coincidence?  We like to imagine Eric the Red sitting in ‘A la Mort Subite,’ drinking a Belgian Blanche and eating Steak Frites.  Sure the timeline is incongruous, but this is our truth. Go search out yours!