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Private Event Space Open & Ready to Host You!

We have a great space available for all types of events, from birthdays to business meetings to retirement parties and much more. Food and beverage service available. Visit our event page under Taproom tab. All the info you’ll need is located there or you can email for more info.


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Our Tukwila location is now our Tap Room AND Brewery!  After an exhaustive effort, all of our brewing equipment has been moved Tukwila and we are now operating our entire business under one roof.  What does this mean for you?  Kegs will always be on-hand for purchase, you will NEVER (well, rarely) hear “we are out of that” and you can see where all of the magic happens.

Thank you for all of your support-Odin Brewing is HERE TO STAY and totally rock’n it.

Geeks Who Drink Trivia!

Come by every Monday night at 7pm!  Pints and Prizes await!  Below are links to some of the blogs about our previous trivia nights.

Oct. 24th:

Oct. 17th:

Oct. 10th:

Hilliard’s Jamaican Coconut Stout is here!


Winter may be coming, but we’ve got the tropics on our minds.  Escape the cold with this stout brewed with over 100 POUNDS of coconut and aged with Jamaican Rum.  Roasty, rich and Caribbean influenced, we hope you enjoy our first new line of Hilliard’s Beer.

ABV 7.0%; IBU: 30

Can you believe it?

Cans of ASGARD IPA, ODIN’S GIFT & GIMLI O.P.A are here.  Crack and enjoy! photo 2 photo

Wildeorness #1

Wildeorness #1Wildeornes

Russian Imperial Stout aged in whiskey barrels – 11.5%ABV

 The Wildēornes is the place of self-willed beasts – a realm without laws or oversight by the gods. Made in the spirit of the Wildēornes and in the exploratory nature of the Vikings, the deep complexity of this intensely dark Imperial Stout demands your deference and adoration.  We hope you enjoy drinking this as much as we enjoyed making it.  Skål

The Wildēornes Program will deliver barrel-aged, wild and exceptionally crafted beers.  We are looking forward to the next several installments to be released later this year, including Brett-Saison aged in fresh chardonnay barrels and Brett-Equinox aged in whiskey barrels


Spring is in the air and we are pleased to announce that we are adding a limited spring beer to the lineup – Lemondrop SMASH (single malt single hop).  This supremely drinkable beer is the prefect answer to the heavy beers of winter.  Come down to the Taproom and try a pint on patio.  Just don’t forget your rain-gear, summer isn’t here quite yet.

Lemondrop Single MAlt Single Hop
5.5% ABV
20 IBU
Malt: Pilsner Malt
Hops: Lemondrop

Lemondrop is a new experimental aroma hop grown for its unique lemon-citrus character.  We got our hands on some of this new hop and engineered an ale with a simple, light and refreshing body that highlights the lemondrop’s interesting qualities.  As its name implies, lemondrop imparts a pleasant aroma that is surely sui generis.